The Fanta Menace (anonymuschicken) wrote in watchmen,
The Fanta Menace

my letter of resignation, so to speak.... good news for you guys though!

Dear Matt,

Thank you for submitting your partition and trivia question answer to the LiveJournal community Watchmen. Unfortunately, I haven't made any updates to this community since.... 2002 sometime. The sad thing is I still periodically get e-mails from people requesting I let them join, to which I always respond by thinking "man, I need to make an update, or at the very least write this person back", and then I never do. I should, somewhere, still have a list of people who have written me who I never responded to, just in case that I someday decide to add new members and put them all on. However, that's not the point. The point is, I've abandoned LiveJournal in general some time ago, and since Watchmen obviously needs a new administrator, I've chosen you, based solely on the facts that 1) I glanced at your LiveJournal and you have pictures of Rorschach all over it, which means your probably insane, which makes you perfect, and 2) you have the same first name as I do so you can't be all bad.

The password is ********. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time, I didn't even remember what it was, I had to do that thingy where they e-mail you your password. Anyways, good luck.... take over, change the rules, delete the whole thing, I don't care. You'll probably want to change the password and then change over the administrator from my LJ name to yours but I'm sure you've already figured that out. Good luck and all that, I suppose... oh, and if you take this whole thing seriously and start bugging me for the names of those people who should have been members, I can probably find it.

and a can of bananas,
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