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The point came up in the comments section of another entry that standards of Quality and standards of Personal Taste are often times quite different.

Are there any groundbreaking comics that you just can't stand reading? Anything you LOVE to read that by standards of Quality is really just trash?

I know Robert Crumb did tons for the genre but I can't stand his stuff. I know very well that (so far at least) Hunter, The Age of Magic can't hold a candle to The Books of Magic, but I love reading it anyway, if only for the art.
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Well.... I know it's just some stupid random Marvel comic from the mid-ninties that never caught on, and I know that it was written by Tom DeFalco and that it's not cool to like anything that Tom DeFalco writes, but.... one of my all time favorite comics has always been The Green Goblin. Not Spider-Man's enemy, but some random lazy teenager who finds the equipment and likes to fly around in it because it's fun. The great thing about him as a hero was, he never actually fought any crime unless it directly benifited him in some way, and nobody ever knew who he was. When he bursted in on a crime scene, people either thought he was a criminal, or else said something around the lines of "Who is that?!" And one of my all time favorite single issue comics is the finial issue, issue thirteen, where his glider (which he flys on) and his mask (which gives him super strenght and speed) had both been destroyed so he tries to keep being a superhero anyways by wearing a ski mask and riding his bicycle. Not only is he unable to catch up to some muggers, but his bike gets stolen. *cracks up* You can buy the old issues for only a couple bucks a peice and I've managed to get most of the set, I'm only missing a couple. But it's good stuff and I recommend it to anyone. So yeah.
I personally find Johnny Ryan's ANGRY YOUTH COMIX to be right there for me.... it often walks the line between horribly funny and just horrible.... but it's the former that keeps me coming back(that, and there's only been two so far). My favorite line:

"SWM, likes snuff films, Nazi memorabilia, smooth jazz."


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I wasn't a big Astro City fan myself. But I DO like The Invisibles -- for some reason the schizophrenic qualities work for me.

Tank Girl is just a darn good time. It's like a B-Movie, pure entertainment.
I loathe Astro City & dislike The Invisibles, but for different reasons. Astro City I find to be thoroughly unoriginal and poorly colored, while The Invisibles is merely schizophrenic. Sure, that may be for effect, but it makes for a poor read.

And of course I don't like anything of poor quality. I read Graphic Novels.

Oh, no, wait, I like Tank Girl. Never mind.