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Sexist Stereotyping in Superhero Comics

I was just at reading the reader's reviews for The Essential Avengers, a black and white TP that collects Stan Lee's first 24 issues of The Avengers. I found it sort of funny that every single one of the reviewers, weather they loved the book or were nonplussed, complained about Stan Lee's sexist stereotyping, because the heroine of the group, the Wasp, basically spends all her time gushing over Thor and wondering what Iron Man looks like inside his armor. Now, I'm not condoning sexist stereotyping of women, however, I'd like to point out that, regardless of what decade these stories came out in, Stan Lee's stereotyping made perfect sense. You can tell from the words and concepts that he presented that Stan was convinced that people other then little kids were reading his comics, and yet, no one in that time period honestly believed that adults read comic books. So who was Stan Lee writing these stories for? Adolescents. Kids in junior high and middle school. Now, what do boys this age spend all their time doing? Beating each other up, and fanaticizing about hot chicks. What do girls this age spend all their time doing? Wishing their boobs were bigger, and gushing about dreamy guys. So with that target audience in mind, the way Stan Lee portrayed his characters was logical: the males are dreamy guys who spend all their time beating each other up (Stan Lee practically invented the Hero vrs Hero fight), and the females are hot chicks with big boobs who spend all their time gushing about dreamy guys. Now, one can buy these books of comics that came out in the sixties and be offended by the sexist stereotyping of women, but do you know what I find more offensive? The fact that today, the majority of comic book fans are over thirty years old, and yet the mainstream comics coming out today still portray men beating each other up surrounded by chicks with big boobs. Only now the women are intelligent and sassy and the men are allowed to be hideously scared, mutilated, or half robotic. *sighs* I could say, "When will men stop being treated like their brainless primates?", but as long as wrestling rules the airwaves, we all know the answer: Not until they stop acting like it.
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