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so, who has been read Dark Knight Returns?
what are your views on it?
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I haven't read it. I wasn't even fully aware that it was out already (although I knew it was inimate). Don't get me wrong, I loved Dark Knight Returns (as you've probally already gathered) but I'm just not sure I approve of a sequal. Mabey, if it brought back more classic Batman characters like Scarcrow and Batmite or something. And I don't know much about it, so hell, mabey it does. But not to long ago I saw some sketches by Frank Miller of what the main characters would look like, and here's what I saw: Batman, Superman, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl or Chick or something like that, and Carrey Kelly as Catgirl (wtf?). To me, this smacks of the almighty dollar, ya'know? If Frank Miller wants to add to his classic vision of Batman's future, then Hooray!, but this sounds more like, DC kept offering him more and more money until he couldn't say no. Now agian, I could be wrong, but that's certinly the impression I've gotten, so I for one plan to wait until I can check the complete trade paperback out of the library, and THEN i'll give my two cents worth on it.

On a simular note.... a few months ago, I wrote a letter into IGN SCI-FI (before they became mearly an archive site) concerning an article they wrote about DKR, in which I said that, instead of writing a sequal, I think Frank Miller should have just went back and expanded the original story. You know how they'll remake a popular movie ten or twenty years later? And some would argue they do the same with popular comic book storylines, or at least origin stories. Well, my opinion was, Frank Miller should instead rewrite the Dark Knight Returns, keeping the basic story the same but expanding to show us what happened to newer members of the Bat family, like Huntress and Azreal. And while I'm wishing anyways, I think Frank Miller should swallow his pride and let Alex Ross do the illistrations. Damn, that'd be awesome. Well, that's my two cents, so... thank you and goodnight.
I've been reading it and i must say it is rather interesting so far. Millers take on some of the classic characters is always diffrent. I think the way each character was dissposed of by the government has been really interesting too. I'm not sure if this has the chance to be as good as the original but i see it having the possiblity of being one of the greats if it doesn't trail off or just reiterate the last story. How are you likeing it so far?
The drawing has... issues. And I had problems with the characterization of Superman, also.
It seems to be a commentary of style over substance that's been invading our culture as of late.

Could end up being better than first one.

DKR is my favorite book of all time. period.
its great, when is dk2-3 gonna come out???
artwork is subpar and the writing is even worse...let's not even talk about the colouring